What I do

I am a sustainability strategist. I help clients who want to give more than they take and do real good instead of simply less bad. 

I advise clients to help them articulate and then deliver sustainability outcomes for a project or their organisation.  I help clients map and measure environmental and social impacts and turn them into a business advantage. 

I work with your team to create solutions that accelerate change which not only inspires and enables sustainability, but makes it irresistible!

I have international experience in creating opportunities where returns on sustainability investments are realised.   I blend strategy, relationships and communication to catalyse and commercialise innovation, create change, engage employees and improve reputations.  

My strategy work includes bringing external perspectives, insights and validation to clients’ sustainability efforts. My services include sustainability audits, engagement workshops, corporate strategy and product or building design review.  I also have experience in providing strategy, financial sustainability, shared value, and governance advisory services for not-for-profit organisations.

My urban design consulting expertise includes all types of developments, public domain and infrastructure, community-scale master plans, city building and urban regeneration.  

I also provide independent expert advice on:

  • Impact investing;

  • Policy, ethics and governance;

  • Envisioning and mobilising change;

  • Sustainability reporting and communications; and

  • Attracting investment.

My international network of colleagues allows me to put together collaborative teams to tackle complex multidisciplinary projects.  In the past two years I have partnered with several organisations and consultants to deliver design thinking workshops, coaching , mentoring, strategic change management and strategy clarification and execution services to businesses. Partnerships include: 

In September 2018 I stepped down as the 'Eastern District Commissioner' for The Greater Sydney Commission. We created a 20 year strategic plan for Sydney that help the city be more productive, sustainable and liveable (https://www.greater.sydney/eastern-city-district-plan).  


The common principles of sustainable development are; a commitment to equity and fairness that ensures decisions account for the poorest as well as the needs of future generations; and living the 'Precautionary Principle' which says that if an activity has a suspected risk of causing harm to the environment or to people, in the absence of full scientific consensus that the activity is not harmful, the burden of proof is with those wishing to undertake the activity.

I believe sustainability represents the consideration of the complex interconnections that exist between the economy, the environment and society. It is not a balancing act or an exercise of weighting one impact against the other. It is the ethics of recognising the interdependence of these three categories and then acting, having been informed of the impacts and working to ensure a positive impact.